The Vännfors trail

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Welcome to Vännforsens Nature Reserve
and Långforsen Recreation Area.

Vännforsen and Långforsen are the stretches of rapids furthest downstream in the wild and beautiful Vindelälven River, one of Sweden’s four unregulated rivers. The rapids lie within Vännforsens Nature Reserve and the Långforsen Recreation Area. These two areas are connected by the trail, Vännforsleden, which has been laid at the initiative of the local villagers living close to the river.
There are many picnic areas along the banks of the nature reserve and recreation area that are suitable for campfires, fishing and other outdoor activities. The recreation area around the rapids is connected to the Tavelsjöleden trail, creating an almost 40-kilometre-long trail system.
The area is teeming with wild flora and fauna. Beavers, foxes and elk are common visitors to the area. A unique flora can also be found along the trail thanks to the hilly and varied terrain surrounding the river. As a hiker, you will pass through both moorland supporting only a handful of species and highly diverse areas of vegetation along the riverbanks. Here and there you will even find the protected plant species Moor-king lousewort (Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum), the floral emblem of Västerbotten County.
The trail also passes through a number of areas of interest to geoscientists. The most eye-catching of these are the steep, sandy riverbanks created by water erosion. They were formed from the enormous alluvial deposits left behind when the inland ice receded from the area 10,000 years ago. These scarps are formed by the river carving an ever-deeper course in the sediment below it, creating almost sheer banks on either side that can reach over 40 metres high.

Come and experience the wonders of the Vindelälven River!

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