Adresse: Pengsjövägen 2, 911 33 Vännäs Datum: Dienstag 22 mai 2018 - Montag 31 Dez 2018 Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Pengsjövägen 2, 911 33 Vännäs

St. John's Church in central Vännäs was inaugurated in 1960. It is built of brick with slate roofs.

Sculptor David Wretling conducted portal scope and inside the church has Vännäs artist Carl Magnus Lindqvist performed a triptych, in which a mosaic of reminding pointillist technique effectively helps to give the image life. C. M. Lindqvist, born 1884, is regarded as the doyen of Västerbotten-art. His hand is also altarpieces in Björksele and Sollentuna and murals in Byske church performed.

In 1998 motog church a donation by the artist Theo Forrer from Holland. The donation consisted of 15 pc boards painted in oil and reproduces an artist typically biblical motifs, linked to life today and life inside.

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